Flying Trapeze Catch Class (Catchers) | Sydney Portugal Community Club

From: $65.00

16 February – 6 April

2 hour flying trapeze class with a strong focus on techniques and timings for catching. Students will learn how to catch and fly across to each other. Catchers should already have the fundamentals of catching such as coming in and out of a catch lock and be comfortable climbing a rope before participating in this class. This is not a class to learn how to do catch locks, please get in touch with us or speak with an instructor on how to learn the basics of catching before attending this class. Flyers must have their swing out of lines, have at least one consistent trick across to catch and be able to work their own board. Flyers must expect to be flying across to new and inexperienced catchers and learn how to send return bars for each other.

FRIDAY | 1900 – 2100

Flying Trapeze Catch Classes | Friday| 1900 – 2100

Sydney Portugal Community Club

Session [Day | Time]

Beginner | Tuesday | 1800 – 1930